The Everglades

The Everglades The Everglades: We Must Act Now! The Everglades are one of our nation's most incredible ecosystems. However, they are currently facing huge threats. Check out this vidoe to learn more about the issues facing the Everglades and what you can do to help. Thank you to Orvis and all who are committed to saving such an extraordinary resource. "The great charm of fly-fishing is that we are always learning." -Thodore Gordon


Florida As the bucket opens and water rushes in, the silver king vacuums up not only the 3-inch fly, but also the water surrounding; the adrenaline of an angler shoots through the roof. There are few things more epic than the explosion of a 100+ pound tarpon. After a slow stalk of the fly bouncing through the water, this aggressive creature gulps in a fly that is a fraction of its size. With this intense strike, the dance begins! As the king sprints, flies, and shakes, what seemed like a...